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 To witness, to win, to teach and train.

We are planting the seeds of Christ.

For all, loving all, and giving all -

everything for the glory of God.

We welcome all to our church.  It is a true house of the Lord.

Services are every Sunday at 10:30 AM., but come early and enjoy a true bible lesson brought to you by our wonderful Sunday school volunteers at 9:15 AM.

Wednesdays are geared for our youth.  Children from Kindergarten through 5th grade join together at 5:30 PM for food, games, and activity filled lessons.  Youth from 6th through 8th grade gather at 5:30PM for an elective dinner/game time and then begin to hear Spirit filled message and sing Praises with Steve Sharp and his team.  Youth 9th - 12th grades begin at 6:00 with an option dinner/game time at 5:30 and join together at 6PM.

Do you wish to sing?  Our choir is filled with amazing voices.  Come on Wednesday at 6PM and join in a practice; we have plenty of room and always love an extra voice in loft.

Please join us anytime, just as you are.  We would love to have you!